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----- Yrandi | 18 | US -----
Yrandiel stamp-request #24 by SilviaStarlight5

~ F.A.Q. ~
Do you take requests? No, I get too many when I open them.
Do you do commissions?Commissions are closed at the moment.
Do you do art trades? Only with friends or if I really like your style.
Do you do collabs? Only with friends.

Icon base by Herzlose


No escape - . 31 - . 34 by Yrandiel

:bulletred: I love making friends, so don't be afraid to chat with me! :note:

:bulletred: Do not watch me if you dont like my art! Save us both the trouble!
:bulletred: DO NOT ask me to donate points to you! I will only donate if I KNOW it is for a good cause, I have commissioned or adopted from you, or you are a good friend in a time of need. I WILL NOT donate to strangers or spammers!
:bulletred: If you're wondering if I take requests/commissions/art trades, check my F.A.Q.! I have all that information!
:bulletred: Gift art is always accepted!

Art For Others~

~~~ Requests by thilie ~~~
:bulletgreen: Doodles 4/15 Finished - 11/15 - In progress

~~~ Commissions by thilie ~~~
:bulletblack: Digital Commission for xoWish - Finished
:bulletblack: Traditional Commission for Chyrablisterus - Finished
:bulletgreen: Traditional Commission for Dory888 - In progress
:bulletred: Traditional Commission for Bossa55 - waiting

~~~ Arttrades by thilie ~~~
:bulletblack: None

~~~ Collabs by thilie ~~~
:bulletblack: None


Buttons do not lead to anything but the original piece.
Buttons made by thilie


:bulletgreen: ~ Friends I know pretty well >///<
a.k.a Featured Friends~

:iconfoxiuzumaki: :iconkasaiphoenix7: :iconthirdpersonsymphony: :iconkarubdys: :iconkittygallor: :iconmysterysneeze:



Yrandiel has started a donation pool!
4,833 / 5,000
Also for a years feature! Just donate 10 :points:!

And if you just happen to like my art, please donate! I don't mind if its 10 :points:, even just 1 :points:, I appreciate it completely!

I will surely save up for contests and giveaways, and to hopefully keep a Premium Membership !
Donate stamp by mariami1

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  • :iconhayzykids:
    Donated 1 day, 22 hours ago
  • :iconxowish:
    Donated Apr 4, 2015, 3:40:39 PM
  • :iconbossa55:
    Donated Apr 3, 2015, 6:00:06 PM
  • :iconbossa55:
    Donated Apr 3, 2015, 5:37:58 PM
  • :iconchyrablisterus:
    Donated Mar 24, 2015, 6:23:46 PM


I want to know more about some of my active watchers! Tell me a little about yourself! 

27 deviants said Comment below and tell me something about you!


PLEASE READ ALL! There may be details in here youll want to see!!
Consider it gift art!
Comment below with your most unique OC and let me draw it!
BUT, so you know, I'll only pick one.
I always get too many when I offer free art.

You must be a current watcher, if you watch me AFTER I post this, you won't qualify.
Sick of people unwatching after things like this.

Anywho, here are what I can/can't do:
:bulletblue: I can draw humans, kemonomimi, anthro/furry, elven, etc
:bulletblue: I can do slight sexual theme, nothing extreme
:bulletblue: I can do nudity
:bulletblue: I can do my own fantasy style outfit design
:bulletblue: I can do really detailed descriptions

:bulletblue: I won't do extremely large boobs, butt, male genitals, etc
:bulletblue: I won't do animals, or styles other than my own
:bulletblue: I can't draw males that look female/female that look male. I'm not that talented.

For this request, PLEASE tell me a bit about your OCs personality.
And please, give me a pose you would like to see them in.

I've been practicing anatomy and I want to try this.

This will NOT be a sketch. This will be a detailed, time-consuming picture.
If you want it to be waist-up or full-body, let me know. Those are the only choices.
No bust this time, I'm trying to break that.

If I can't choose between the ones I like, I'll use a random generator to choose.
I probably won't choose someone who always gets art/requests from me. And I know xD

If youre someone who will get angry if I don't choose you, don't bother commenting.
Save us both the trouble.
Now, if you can follow all this, comment away!
Those who don't follow these will be ignored. Rules have been explained to the best of my ability.
.: Female PTU bases - 10 :. by Yrandiel
.: Female PTU bases - 10 :.
Some more bases! I got 10 of them here. In case you can't see, it's a human base, an elven base, kemonomimi with cat tail, kemonomimi with lion tail, and kemonomimi with wolf tail. Top row is smiling, and bottom row is not.
I kinda just WANTED to make a base this time, and I didn't just want it to be one, but a lot.

50 :points: total - CHANGED
5 :points: per cause lol I I don't want to charge double for the ones that simply have different mouths.
Even if this is cheap, I don't really mind ^^

:bulletgreen: When you pay, youll get the .png download. They are all in the same photo/file, you can separate them on your own and use whichever ones you want.
:bulletgreen: You may use these for adoptables, and other art as well, but I MUST be credited! This is MY base, MY art. It's not that hard to 'Base belongs to Yrandiel' down at the bottom of your description.
:bulletgreen: You can add other normal adoptable things such as hair, clothes, etc, plus horns or a second tail to the kemonomimi or even the human if youd like. The level of editing is not limited.

:bulletgreen: If you only want one of the bases, your still going to have to pay for the whole package.

Again, credit me! ;~;
About the artist thing? I had many comments mentioning I should do this, so, uh, here I go.
I'm kinda just going to make things up as I go, telling you useless things as well as things you all might actually want to know.

Name: That's supposed to be a mystery !
Nickname: So far, Nikki, Yrandi, and Kitsune. Kitsune was given to me by a good friend.
Age: 18 ;~;
Height: SHORT! I'm 5'3
Hair color: White dyed. Brown natural ^^
Eye color: Hazel
Sexuality: Straight, git it? Straight.

Best trait: My ability to hold poker face ! ._.
Worst trait: I tend to say smart-assy/mean things when someone annoys me. Then I laugh.
Addicted to anything?: Dem mocha frappe from MickyD's
Drink?: Some watermelon minute maid? Lol. I'm underage, I won't try to drink. Even when I come of age, alcohol's not going to be on my list of things to try! Sad how many people have drinking problems and don't realize what it's doing to them.. ;~;
Favorite foods: Pastas with tasty sauce, as well as chef Robert Irvine's fit crunch bars.

Favorite actor: Liam Neeson omg <3 Best.
Fav anime: Sorry, no. .-.
Hottest older man?: Keanu Reeves! //bows// matched with Mark Wahlberg!
Any idols: Chef Robert Irvine! He can cook anything //praises cooking god// As well as Bobby Flay! //praises other cooking god//

Likes?: Nice people, my mom and puppy, chocolate, coffee, drawing, warm weather, red.
Dislikes?: Stupid people, annoying people, people who praise themselves or their own characters, cats, yellow, snow.

How long have you been drawing?: Since I was 6, but I attempted real art when I turned 11.
What career do you want?: I want to be a concept artist for a good game studio once I get my game arts degree.
College?: Course! I'm currently enrolled in the 21-month bachelor's degree of science for game art. ^^

Would you host contests?: Yes! If people wouldn't unwatch me when it's over!
Do you do kiribans?: When I get to bigger numbers, I will.
Are you an active deviant?: As active as can be!

Pets: Coco, mah corgi/dachshund mix.
How old is your pet?: Almost 6 ;~; Old man.
Is your pet nice?: Sweetest thing! He cuddles with me even when I'm awake~
How big is he?: He's only a little over a foot long, and maybe a foot tall. xD Teeny

Do you do commissions?: As much as I can. I need money and a lot of people like my art, so I try!
Do you do trades?: Sorry to some, but only if I really like your style, or if you're a good friend.
Do you do collabs?: I can always try now that I do digital. ^///^
Do you do requests?: Oh, not anymore, heck no! I get too many.
.: Commission: Chyrablisterus :. by Yrandiel
.: Commission: Chyrablisterus :.
Commission for Chyrablisterus
This took such a long time because I was so afraid of messing up his design. But I'm actually very proud of how he came out. Since there were 3 different references, it was a bit difficult to piece them all together, and that's what took the most time. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to draw him !
I hope you all like !
.: Art Trade : Hyun-ki :. by Yrandiel
.: Art Trade : Hyun-ki :.
This is my half of the trade with PandamoniYUM
He so handsome ~ I had fun drawing this. He started out as a sketch for something else, but then I figured he looked a bit like the red of your OC, so I began putting in the details from him and now I'm finished ^^ I will link your half when you're finished. ^^ And I hope youll link mine as well. :3 And I can't wait to hear from you!
I hope you enjoy~

Featured Artists!

:iconindecisus: ~ Fire by Ashes by Indecisus ~ 4, Feb, 2014
:iconwolfieteen: ~ Lines1 by Wolfieteen ~ 4, Feb, 2014


Apr 20, 2015
6:26 pm
Apr 20, 2015
6:22 pm
Apr 20, 2015
5:41 pm
Apr 20, 2015
5:24 pm
Apr 20, 2015
5:21 pm


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szyszke Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch!!! :heart:
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xXPurpleFlowerNinja Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you do point commissions or just money?
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reruxia Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Student General Artist
i found you using dAhub, but your art is very amazing!
You truly are talented. *^*
I wish to be as good as you one day.
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kima413 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello ^^
I really like your art- it has inspired mine, too- and I have a question;
Usually, when you've finished a piece, how big is it? Like, a headshot, for example- about how much space on the paper would it occupy? I ask because mine tend to be really small, which brings down the quality when it gets to dA because it appears larger here. :/
In advance, thank you for your time! :D
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